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The Importance of Educational Aides in the Ballet Classroom.

When I began my ballet training many years ago there were no visually stimulating aspects of my ballet experiences. Big empty studios that echoed like tunnels, cold metal ballet barres, and dark stained Marley floors. To a professional dancer these things are a dream to have but, to children just starting out in ballet, it can be off-putting and intimidating at best. This is the main reason we at CICB strive to make sure our dancers are in spaces that are full of light, color, and MANY stimulating Educational Aides during class. In many of our CICB classes we use props like ribbons, flowers, floor decals, and MORE. The bigger and more colorful the better. We strive to make sure all dancers have a memorable ballet experience full of fun and excitement while learning. So, when you see cool pictures of us dancing with huge props, please know it is very well thought out, planned and intentionally done, made specially for our dancers.


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