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Modeling the Diversity We Wish to See

Modeling the diversity we wish to see is just as important as seeking it outright. I always tell my parents when you attend any ballet school (mine included) don't just watch the children in class but look for a few key components that need to be present before making any solid enrollment decisions. 1) How diverse is the staff 2). how diverse are the students 3). How are you treated in the waiting room and 4). Do people put up with you or are they genuinely welcoming and excited to see you and your little one attend classes. Having programming which models diverse people in leadership positions models for our children, that it is ok to dream big, it is ok to try something new, and lastly it is ok for someone who looks like me to one day strive to be a leader.

Diversity is not only about going into underserved communities and offering a service, but physical modeling as well.

Ms. Chanda - Owner/ Founding Artistic Director - Cleveland Inner City Ballet


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