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10 Ways to Deep Dive into Diversity and Inclusion for Ballet?

Ways to Deep Dive into Diversity and Inclusion for Ballet:

  1. Being open, and inclusive of allowing others that don't look or act like you to participate.

  2. Not allowing gatekeeping

  3. No barriers to entry or participation

  4. Being fair in treatment and speech to not just a few but all

  5. Asking for opinions of different ways of doing things

  6. Understanding there is no cookie cutter mold of how everyone should look or act.

  7. No intentional stifling or holding back individuals or any group.

  8. Being open to exploring connections with communities that may not look like you.

  9. Understanding that targeting diverse populations within suburban communities is NOT the full extent of diverse reach.

  10. Doing a deep dive into self and finding what really can help vs. what just appears to help.


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