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CICB Diversity and Inclusion Program

Did you know that CICB has a Diversity and Inclusion Training Program for ALL teachers, staff and volunteers? Diversity and Inclusion in Ballet can be a bit challenging because at its root Ballet is not always diverse or even inclusive. When the riots of 2020 in our nation began, just about every ballet studio owner I know personally reached out asking "What can we do to help, what can we do to be more inclusive?" My response to this was to start at home with my own organization. This is when we created the CICB Diversity and Inclusion Training Program. All teachers, staff, and volunteers are required to complete our CICB Diversity and Inclusion Program as part of their initial training to work with CICB. Diversity and Inclusion are of the utmost importance, and we continue to provide evidence of this through our work, interactions with the community and program offerings.

Cleveland Inner City Ballet

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