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CICB'S first public event since the pandemic- Parade the Circle 2023!

Cleveland Inner City Ballet's first public event since the pandemic began will be Parade the Circle 2023! Little know CICB fact is that many of our most AMAZING pictures have come from Parade the Circle. This picture shown is from the 2014 parade and is one that we cherish and share to this day. Due to the pandemic, Parade the Circle had been canceled the past three year's. Well.....I am pleased to announce that Parade the Circle is BACK and CICB is honored to be participating in this year's events. Parade the Circle is a "Mardi Gras," style line up which includes some of Cleveland's finest local artists and talent. Parade the Circle will be held Saturday June 10, time 12-5pm at Wade Oval in Cleveland's Museum District. We will be so happy to see ALL of you there!

Ms. Chanda


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