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Healthy Eating for Dancers

Taking dance classes is a huge piece of a healthy lifestyle which we promote at Cleveland Inner City Ballet. But, there are many other important pieces which contributes to a successful dance career and a healthy life style. Healthy eating for dancers is one of those important pieces. In fact, we find healthy eating so important we devote workshops to make sure our dancers fully understand how food fuels our bodies in preparation for movement classes. What we eat before and after a dance class can directly affect how we take a class, our mood during class, how we heal from an injury, and how we process daily stress like stage fright. A few good snack ideas to eat before class or rehearsal that are light enough to not weigh you down while moving are: fruit, granola bars, grains, yogurt, nuts, veggies, hummus, plenty of water and more. Remember to keep it fun and add new things you may have never tried before. Healthy eating and snacking thrives with what you practice daily, start small and it will grow over time!

We hope to be dancing with you soon.

Cleveland Inner City Ballet

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