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Cleveland Inner City Ballet

Providing education, experiences and exposure through ballet.


Cleveland Inner City Ballet is a professional dance education and performance organization which provides a supportive and collaborative environment to address the unique needs of those cut off from the arts by socioeconomic, race, and class issues. CICB's mission is carried out through it's school and new performing company. Both components work together to teach and showcase ballet in Greater Cleveland while providing students and audiences with:



  • Professional ballet instruction for dancers ages 18 months to 18 years.

  • Programming that is modeled after Ohio Department of Education K-12 Dance Standards.

  • A teaching staff that has both a dance education background and technical training.


  • Outreach performance opportunities for the school and company throughout the community.

  • Unique partnerships with other arts organizations and professionals.

  • The benefits of productive and creative outlets for local youth. 


  • Unique opportunities for students and audiences to learn about ballet  in particular and the arts in general. 

  • Opportunities to attend FREE performances for nationally touring companies like Alvin Ailey and Dance Theatre of Harlem.

  • CICB offers a full spectrum of career opportunities in the arts.  


CICB Performing Company

 Cleveland Inner City Ballet Performing Company is dedicated to providing increased access and awareness of ballet throughout the Greater Cleveland area. Cleveland Inner City Ballet is responsible for supporting area ballet dancers in helping to develop their craft, while showcasing their talents for Cleveland audiences.

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Ballerina feet close-up on a background of textured concrete wal

CICB School

Cleveland Inner City Ballet believes every student deserves a quality and enjoyable dance education experience. All levels of dance instruction are executed in an environment that is supportive and inclusive of students and parents.  CICB School provides professional dance education to a diverse student body at various age and skill levels. Current classes include:


Prima Ballerina Virtual Program:

Royal Ballerina Ballet Class ages  

Wiggle Giggle Dance 

Facebook Live- Ballet Class 

Please note:

  • All class levels include emphasis on good posture, stretching, strengthening, and body alignment.

  • CICB students participate in community performances in place of recitals. These opportunities allow students to showcase what they have learned while exposing many in Cleveland to the art of live ballet.

  • There is a strict ballet dance attire for all classes. Girls wear black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Boys wear black sweat pants, white tee- shirt and black socks.

  • CICB students who are enrolled in and regularly attend classes are eligible to participate in community performances.



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